The thriving, family-friendly and welcoming city of Lufkin, Texas beckons numerous visitors and residents every year. With an influx of people there is always a demand for good homes for rent. For owners of homes, condos and apartments in Lufkin, residential leasing can prove a profitable venture if managed in the right way. Whether you are looking to purchase an income generating property, or have an existing home that you will be away from for an extended period of time, working with an experienced Lufkin Realtor® can prove invaluable to your leasing success.

Property management, maintenance and administration of Lufkin residential leasing are all multi-faceted processes. Together with your Realtor® you will start by establishing a fair leasing price set according to the current market conditions. Your realtor may advice you on improvements you can do if you would like to receive a higher rent for your property. After your home has been marketed and promoted through all the right channels, the applications for tenancy will start arriving – a Realtor® can help you screen all potential tenants through looking at their credit, income and other information that matter to you as the owner.

When the lease is prepared and executed with an appropriate tenant, you will need to consider ongoing work such as rent collection, move in/move out inspections and maintenance. These are all things that a Lufkin residential leasing agent can help you with.

Are you considering different Lufkin residential leasing options for your property? Contact Gann Medford Real Estate, Inc. today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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