When people think of Texas Forest Country, they think of the beautiful open range and the quintessential Texas ranch.  Cities like Lufkin, one of the most popular residential communities in the region, present a selection of incredible ranches and farms within the real estate market.  For the genuine Texas living experience, Lufkin ranches are the finest choice of homes in Angelina County.

Lufkin is a sprawling area that offers expansive parcels of land for purchase.  Lufkin ranches that are built within this incredible landscape are perfect to keep horses and cattle; there is plenty of space for grazing and riding.  Existing homes are spacious and feature multiple bedrooms, updated kitchens and baths, and exterior elements like barns.  Enjoy incredible views of the landscape and a natural terrain that can be perfect for hunting, fishing and more.  There is even undeveloped land available for buyers seeking to build their dream ranch from scratch.

Lufkin ranches enjoy an impressive amount of privacy and connection to nature, but are never far away from the cosmopolitan amenities of the city.  Lufkin is a vibrant community that boasts a strong economy, good schools, and wonderful local attractions and activities.  From golfing at a country club to shopping, enjoying a five-star meal or indulging in the arts, there is plenty to enjoy here on a daily basis.

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