In 2007, the City of Lufkin celebrated its 125th anniversary – a true testament to its longevity as one of the most popular residential areas in Texas.  Nearly 40,000 people reside in Lufkin and enjoy a plethora of outdoors activities and local amenities, as well a prosperous economy and strong infrastructure. Whether you are searching for a home or commercial real estate, there are a wide range of Lufkin properties that epitomize the perfect investment.

As part of Texas Forest Country, Lufkin offers unparalleled access to the beautiful terrain of forests and lakes; residents of the area can also enjoy some of the finest golfing, fishing, hunting, camping and various other outdoor pursuits.  Lufkin’s cosmopolitan side thrives on the retail, healthcare and manufacturing industries, which propel its vibrant economy.  The tourism industry is also a pillar in the local economy – with all of its attractions from golf and country clubs to the Ellen Trout Zoo many people throughout Texas and the country regard Lufkin as a great place to visit.

Lufkin properties enjoy an incredible location that is convenient to all of the fine elements of the city.  Homes are available next to perfectly manicured golf greens or on exclusive Lufkin lots; many more enjoy close proximity to the local shops, restaurants, museums, movie theaters and more.  Investors in commercial properties will also find that the location is ideal to attract customers, employees and will ensure a healthy return on investment

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