One of the many benefits of the city of Lufkin is its expansive terrain, which stretches out nearly 27 square miles.  The abundance of land allows for spectacular home sites and commercial real estate, as well as opportunity for farm and ranch properties.  Lufkin farm acreage is the leading choice for homebuyers and real estate investors seeking real estate that presents unparalleled space for a residence and a fertile setting for an outdoors lifestyle.

Situated near its two national forests and many lakes, Lufkin farm acreage is lush and picturesque – few areas have the breathtaking grandeur of these sites.  Land sustains various wooded areas of trees such as pine, and acreage can also feature its own creeks and ponds. Lufkin farm acreage can go into the hundreds, and their private locations truly offer unparalleled serenity – these untouched surroundings are the perfect inspiration for the dream house, ranch or horse property you have always wanted.

Lufkin is a great city to invest in.  Major manufacturing companies, medical centers and retail stores sustain the diverse and strong economy.  Even tourism is thriving here as many people from across the state come here for the outdoor activities from golfing to fishing.  Investing inLufkin farm acreage can open up a world of opportunities, whether you are looking for a tranquil existence or aspire to grow your own organic produce for sale.

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